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About Edjr
I have been helping to grow businesses since 1993 through marketing and business consulting.  Things have evolved very fast since then when Yellow Pages and Newspaper were king.  Network television and the choice of a few different radio stations made advertising a pretty simple task.  So few options, and what can I afford, made the choice very simple for the most part.  My how things have changed.  With the increased popularity of the internet, and the activation of seven million new smartphones everyday people have changed the way they find a local business when they need one.  Can we all say "Google"... goodbye Yellow Pages and give me my news on my phone or desktop computer too.  Newspapers have been closing their doors with declining circulation over the past several years in every major city across the country.  Cable and Satellite television has made it virtually impossible to predict what channel your potential customers might be watching and the radio has faced the same kind of dilemma with so many different stations to choose from.  Grab a hold of and embrace the internet folks because it's time has arrived and it is here to stay!  Direct mail has always been extremely effective but with increasing postal rates very expensive to do on your own.


Advertising should be considered an investment, not an expense!  While large corporations have always known this most small businesses have looked at it as a "necessary evil".  It has in the past taken years if not longer to see the return on your advertising dollars.  Not today!!!  With Facebook, the largest internet site in the world, businesses have sprouted up overnight.  Contact us today and let us help you grow your business beyond it's four walls!!!
  • Posted on: Jul 29, 2012
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