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I have a very extensive history with direct mail and in 1993 that is what launched my full-time marketing career.  Direct Mail is one form of marketing your business that has been tested, tried and true.  I am an absolute fan of direct mail simply because it is very easy to test, track and scale.  Direct mail is a wonderful investment for any business for building brand awareness, getting your message out to targeted customers or farm marketing and also for gaining lots of potential new customers.
We have the ability to design your own direct mail piece (usually a postcard), or do copywriting work and build you a complete direct mail campaign.  I am very big on doing co-operative marketing with other businesses from the area and with that being said let me introduce to you our Every Door Direct program.

“Heartland’s Hometown Values”

We have combined the two hottest forms of advertising for the present and years to come… Direct Mail and Mobile Marketing.  It is a branded, oversized postcard (9×12) with full color printing on both sides.  The card will be targeted to 10,000-15,000 homes all within 3-5 miles of your business and delivered by our USPS.  Along with the printed card your business will receive a mobile coupon also valid for two months.  You will receive your own QR (quick response) code that you may post in your business or print on other advertising venues you may choose, directing people with their smart phone to your mobile coupon or website. Your mobile page will be hosted by us at no charge and included in our mobile directory.  This is a killer combination… The bad part is we only have room for about 15 local businesses to participate so our waiting lists fill up quickly.  By gathering 15 of the area’s best local businesses that people love and use on a high frequency basis we are able to put your advertisement on the front of a 9×12 postcard that is sure to stay around the home for the life of the program and be viewed over and over again.

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