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SEO is a process by which you build up a websites value to a search engine in order that it climbs the ranks to make it up to page one (which is usually the only page looked at).  This is probably the toughest part of internet or online marketing but also the most valuable to your business.  We understand that search engine optimization isn’t everything but only a small part of meeting your entire marketing goals, therefore unlike other companies we don’t just target search engines but we target results!  There are many so called Web Design companies that can build sites but what good is it if it’s just floating around in cyberspace?  There are even countless commercials on television saying come here and use our software to have your own site up by tomorrow.  What a joke these site builders are and what a travesty they are bestowing upon small business owners and professional marketing companies alike.

Understand first that all search engines are similar in the way they operate but since over 85% of all searches are performed on Google that is the one we always refer to.  The goal of Google is to provide the best, meaning most relevant, search results that it can to the searcher.  If search results were irrelevant people would quit using Google.  Because of this Google’s algorithm is constantly being upgraded or changed to meet the ever increasing demands of our information society.  This is why Search Engine Optimization is such a challenging task that never ends.  We are always trying to outsmart Google and they are always changing their expectations.

Understanding search engine optimization is essential to building effective websites to begin with and ranking higher online than your competitors is an ongoing battle.  So, what does Google look at in a site?  There are many, many things that goes into the mathematical formula or algorithm the search engines use such as Meta Tags, Titles, Descriptions, Outbound Links, Internal Links, Backlinks and Keywords.  It doesn’t stop there but the quality of the links mean everything (not that they don’t look at quantity also).

Rest assured that we will treat your site like one of our own and use only above board (or white hat as it’s referred to in our world) techniques to move your website up in the ranks.  We utilize some of the best minds, methods and software to get the job done assuring that when the algorithm changes we will still be held in high regards by Google.  There is no such thing as an out-of-the-box SEO package for websites.  Each individual business will receive a tailored package to meet their budget with full monthly reporting from us.  A word of caution is in order here…  If you try using black hat techniques to fool Google and they change the algorithm to penalize those people you can see very, very big drops in your rankings and in some extreme cases they may even remove your site from the search engines 

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