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It’s all about the buzz… social media has certainly become the “thing” in marketing.  With Facebook surpassing 750 million registered users this past year and quickly becoming the largest internet site in the world (as well as the growth of other social media giants like YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn) it isn’t hard to see why it’s so imperative to integrate social media marketing into your online media mix.  I’m here to tell you that this up to the minute social mix is highly favored by the search engines as well for ranking your websites high up in the search engine ranks.  Understandably when Google’s aim is to return the most relevant searches possible they would be looking at those sites that people are talking about today and giving them much favor.

Businesses are scrambling to catch up with the social media marketing sites and our company can do that for you. We would be happy to set up those important profiles for you, teach you how to keep them going or even manage those social media profiles ourselves.  We will write articles for blogs, post relevant info for Facebook and Twitter, produce great video for YouTube as well as manage any other profiles you would have relevant to your business.  Again, all these things have a major impact with Google rankings as well as the other search engines people use everyday.  Most importantly though the impact these Social Media sites have with your customers are like having direct customer service 24/7.  There is no better way of keeping your finger on the “pulse”


There are five main objectives of Social Media Marketing.  I like to think of them as the five W’s and they are…

  1.  Who are you?  Reputation Management
  2. The What?  Branding
  3. The Where?  Marketing
  4. The When?  Engaging with customers but mostly Listening
  5. The Why?  Monetization $$$ the reason we’re in business

Social Media Marketing when integrated properly can do all these things for you!!!

Do you need it?  I must say that I hate Facebook personally… I resisted it as long as I could and if I were not a marketing expert I still would hate it today.  I decided a few years ago when Pepsi pulled their advertising dollars out of the Super Bowl commercials in favor of putting $50 million into building a social media presence that I had better not be stubborn because of my personal preferences.  It was then I decided I had better study Social Media Marketing.  When I began seeing the power of marketing to your circle of friends and the exponential reach that had to their friends and so on, the overnight growth of small businesses because of a simple YouTube video that went viral and countless other examples I began to embrace it… faster than I had snubbed my nose at it in the beginning.  To sum it all up I see it this way… There is a conversation going on out there online either with or without you.  If you choose not to engage, your simply giving up your ability to manage or influence what is being said.

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